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Welcome to the ESET Masters 2013 tournament series!
eSportainment, Ladies and Gentlemen.
That's what everyone of us is looking for.

We proudly present: the ESET Masters 2013.
Pool of USD $27,000 Prize Money, 1st scores USD $10,000 alone.
Offline Grand Final at GamesCom 2014, Cologne, Germany. Enjoy!
Grand Final WarmUp #1 done, #2 inc.
2014-07-17 21:22 — powered by ESET and
First WarmUp done and we've seen some surprising and also pretty long and intense games there. Two more to go! The next WarmUp will be coming Thursday - again a quick grid of 64 players, USD $150 prize money, starting at 16:00 CEST (14:00 UTC/GMT).

SignIn for the Cup is already open. See you next week! :]
Grand Final WarmUp #1
2014-07-16 19:36 — powered by ESET and
To keep the time until the GamesCom covered a bit, we quickly set up the first WarmUp Event. Quick grid of 64 players, USD $150 prize money, starting tomorrow (Thursday) at 16:00 CEST (14:00 UTC/GMT). So... see you tomorrow. ^^
Top 8 players for the Grand Final set
2014-07-14 13:19 — powered by ESET and
The online qualifications are over - we have our eight top players set for the offline Grand Final! See the » Grid for more details on the matchups.
mYi.Stardust vs Acer.Bly
AI.Patience vs Wayi.Daisy
mouz.HeroMarine vs dignitas.Tefel
AI.Golden vs ESC.ShoWTimE
We'll host a couple of "WarmUp-Events" in the meantime. Check back here for more information.
Grand Final ro32+ro16 today 14:00
2014-07-11 11:34 — powered by ESET and
The Grand Final starts today - playing the ro32 and ro16 to find out who will qualify for the offline finals at the GamesCom 2014!

Commentary (german): »
Commentary (english): » BasetradeTV

See you in a couple hours!
Grand Final ro32 preponed
2014-07-09 11:23 — powered by ESET and
Due to popular request and ease for the players we have preponed the ro32 from 18:00 CEST to 14:00 CEST (12:00 UTC/GMT).

Reason being the WCS Qualifiers which a lot of the ranked and voted players do want to play on Friday as well. We'll stream the games two times: once live and once as a rerun at the original planned time, so the viewers won't miss it.
Grand Final: Player Voting Results
2014-07-07 20:52 — powered by ESET and
The results are in! 31,713 votes have been cast in total and the top 8 players are now joining the 24 qualified ones.
1de PKey.GunGFuBanDa5,28717%
2pl TL.MaNa3,15910%
3kr AI.Golden2,9929%
4no TL.Snute2,8489%
5de mouzHasuObs2,6458%
6ua CSC.DIMAGA2,5788%
7de XMG.Socke2,5148%
8nl TL.Ret2,4568%
9kr AI.Patience1,8556%
10kr YoDa1,2584%
11kr Roccat.HyuN1,2574%
12fi NRS.Welmu1,0203%
13de ATN.Lambo7032%
14de AI.CPU6032%
15kr First5382%
We are now awaiting their final confirmation on participation - once we've got all the feedback we'll seed the grid accordingly. Stay tuned for updates!
Grand Final: Player Voting
2014-07-04 22:20 — powered by ESET and
The Voting has begun! Choose your favorite players for the last 8 slots on the Grand Final!

Link: »

Voting closes on Monday, 2014-07-07 20:00 CEST (18:00 UTC/GMT)
Grand Final: ro32 + ro8 Live-Event
2014-07-03 11:55 — powered by ESET and
Ladies and Gentlemen,

the ESET Masters 2013 Grand Final is finally happening. We're sorry for the long delay, but we tried to set up another great event like the last Grand Final had, but eventually that wasn't possible in the way as it was thought to be.

But it's just the event that changes, the rest stays as it was planned. We'll host the ro32 and ro16 online on 2014-07-11 (next Friday) 16:00 o'clock (UTC/GMT, thats 18:00 CEST).

The ro8 will take place at the ESET booth on the GamesCom fair in Cologne, Germany, 2014-08-16. Additional info for the live Grand Final ro8 will be handed out to the qualifiers and audience after the online ro32+ro16.

Prize money total: 20,000 USD
1st: 10,000 USD
2nd: 5,000 USD
3rd: 2,000 USD
4th: 1,000 USD
5th to 8th: each 500 USD

24 players are already set by the ranking - congratulations to them again. Additionally our community is going to vote the remaining 8 players over the weekend, with the votes closing on Monday evening. Results will then be evaluated and "winning" players contacted to confirm their participation in the ro32 online Grand Final.

As soon as we know these fortunate ones we'll post them here and keep you updated with the Matchups and the Grid.

So, if not before, see you next Friday for the first of two parts on fighting for the Champions Throne (and the money, of course ;)).
Live-Event: yes, no, maybe?
2014-02-17 13:32 — powered by ESET and
Sorry for the delay guys - actually we thought we'd be running the finals already by now, or at least these days. But organization (especially the budgeting part) for the Live-Event takes way longer than last time.

However, rest assured: ESET and ourselves do want this live event again. You probably too, eh? ;)
But thats making things a little complicated. Until we have a fixed date for the ro8 offline part we can't really announce or play the online part, since it's not yet set in stone. Currently we're aiming for end of May 2014, so you and we have a good timeframe for ticketing and event preparations. The online part will be announced the same day we announce the date for the ro8 Live-Event. :)

Thanks for your patience - if the event is gonna be even only half as epic as last time, this wait was worth it then. :D
Grand Final: 24 set, 8 to go.
2013-12-09 16:51 — powered by ESET and
Heading towards the Grand Final, we now have the first 24 players set. These competitors fought through various qualifiers and up to three Season Finals to achieve the ranking points they do now have.
  Season Final Ranks
# pts     Player    #1 #2 #3
1 204 ua Acer.Bly    442
2 176 de ESCShoWTimE    2 1
3 132 de Korone     132
4 132 de AiRevenge    81616
5 128 ua NaViStrelok    4 4
6 124 de AcRo.515    81632
7 116 kr mYi.Stardust    162 
8 112 lt AI.Krr    161632
9 112 de Monty113    163216
10 112 de H4nfy    163216
11 112 dk Pink    163216
12 112 de KnowMe    321616
13 104 se Bischu    8 8
14 104 de mouzHeroMarine     88
15 104 fi Protosser    163232
16 104 ua NaViHappyZerG    163232
17 104 dk Storm96    323216
18 100 kr azubusan    1  
19 96 de kauP    32 4
20 96 de GoOdy    323232
21 96 pl Tefel    323232
22 92 kr escdaisy     816
23 92 kr TAiLS     168
24 84 fr Monsteuh     832
25   ? TBA       
26   ? TBA       
27   ? TBA       
28   ? TBA       
29   ? TBA       
30   ? TBA       
31   ? TBA       
32   ? TBA       
See more details at the full » Season Final Ranking page.
Now what's up with those eight more empty slots? That's up to you actually: the community will vote who gets to compete against the other 24 players.

Within the next couple of days we will release a poll containing a lot of not yet qualified professional players. You may then vote for your favorite - so you, your friends and all of the community will decide who gains one of those last eight seats.

Stay tuned for the poll and additional info within the next days!
32 players ready for Season Final #3!
2013-11-28 10:11 — powered by ESET and
Ladies and Gentlemen: we have found our top32 players for the third Season Final. These are the upcoming matches for next Wednesday, 18:00 CET:
AiRevenge — vs — Myi.DaNa
GoOdy — vs — KnowMe
NaViHappyZerG — vs — TAiLS
Korone — vs — kauP
NaViStrelok — vs — AiHonor
eSuba.DeViL — vs — Bischu
Tefel — vs — Storm96
Protosser — vs — escdaisy
AI.Krr — vs — H4nfy
mouzHeroMarine — vs — Wilko
iFGunGFuBanDa — vs — Chubzsc2
Monty113 — vs — Monsteuh
AcRo.515 — vs — Pink
sLh — vs — MoMoRoXx
Mlord — vs — Acer.Bly
ESCShoWTimE — vs — AiCPU
Look over here for more details: » Season #3 ranking and » all-time ranking.

So, viewers and players: go for it! We'll see you right here, next Wednesday, 18:00 o'clock. gl+hf! :]
Last Qualifier incoming!
2013-11-21 13:32 — powered by ESET and
Only one more chance left - but still there are quite a lot of players that could reach the third and last Season Final!

If you take a closer look at the » Season #3 Ranking you'll see that even players around rank 130+ can reach the top32 by winning the last qualifier and gaining those 50 extra ranking points.

This includes quite a lot of known players, so chances are good for some decent matchups next Wednesday. Be sure to sign in for this tournament - or just relax in your chair and tune in on the stream. Wed. 18:00 CET, see you here. :]
Two more to go...
2013-11-14 10:11 — powered by ESET and
Almost there: two more Ranked Qualifiers are ahead and then we'll have the third and last Season Final. SF#3 was moved from Saturday (Nov. 30) to the following Wednesday (Dec. 04) as you can see in the dates table. Since we're still awaiting different information for the Grand Final the remaining free time was plenty, so we moved SF#3 a couple days ahead.

SignIn for RQ#8 is open - second to last chance, better go for it. ;]
Seven of Nine you say?
2013-11-08 09:14 — powered by ESET and
Yes. Only three more Ranked Qualifiers to go and we'll have the third Season Final upon us. It won't be easy to reach the qualified slots now if you didn't play in our cups yet - but all other players do have quite some chances left to top up their current ranking points.

SignIn for RQ#7 is open - lets see who climbs the ranking ladder.
Shortage in Ranking Points
2013-11-01 11:27 — powered by ESET and
Only a couple cups left where you guys can gain valuable ranking points! If you want to participate in the last Season Final and maybe even the Grand Final, you'd better show off some skills and dominate the other players. ;]

SignIn for RQ#6 is open - looking forward to another set of nice matchups. :]
Call of Duty?
2013-10-24 10:41 — powered by ESET and
Yes, it is your call of duty to participate and get the last few sets of available ranking points! ;]

Things are getting closer and closer. SignIn for RQ#5 is open and we're already looking forward to the next and last Season Final. Go for it, gentlemen - we'll see you next Wednesday again. :]
RQ#4 incoming
2013-10-19 15:12 — powered by ESET and
Close to having half of Season #3 done - points and ranking are getting tight, go for the qualifiers now!
SignIn for RQ#4 is open, we'll see you next Wednesday!

On a side note: the meeting with ESET was quite promising, info on the Grand Final offline Event is about to follow the next days. :]
Rank it up!
2013-10-10 10:06 — powered by ESET and
Seven RQs left until the last Season Final. Meeting next week with ESET for the Grand Final details. Info follows... soon™. ;]

Until then: check in to RQ#3 and go for those tasty ranking points! We'll see you next Wednesday again. :]
Season 3 up and running
2013-10-04 11:23 — powered by ESET and
With the first Ranked Qualifier being over there are only eight cups left where one can gain ranking points. SignIn for RQ#2 is open. Go for it, chances are getting smaller every time. ;]

Also don't miss our new statistics and comparison features: see » AI.Krr for example, or check out » AcerMMA vs. mYi.Stardust
Congratulations to the SF#2 competitors!
2013-09-26 10:27 — powered by ESET and
The points are spent, as you can see in our Ranking, and the last season just opened its doors. S#3 RQ#1 is now live for your SignUp. Nine more qualifiers to go, one season final following and soon we'll be facing the Grand Final.

Don't miss the S#3 launch: coming Wednesday, same time, same place. ;]
SF#2 tomorrow, 18pm!
2013-09-24 16:36 — powered by ESET and
Quick reminder: don't forget to tune in tomorrow - Season Final #2 awaits us! Also featuring MLG Axslav: he'll be casting the tournament for the english audience.

18:00 CEST, see you here. :]
32 players ready for Season Final #2!
2013-09-19 12:14 — powered by ESET and
Ladies and Gentlemen: we have the top32 for the second Season Final. These are the MatchUps for next Wednesday, 18:00 CEST:
AI.Krr — vs — QuanticHyuN
AiRevenge — vs — NaViStrelok
Acer.Bly — vs — H4nfy
mYi.Stardust — vs — mYi.Mindblowing
Korone — vs — GGOurk
NaViHappyZerG — vs — escdaisy
waCk — vs — mouzhOpe
GoOdy — vs — AiCPU
Monsteuh — vs — sLh
Monty113 — vs — AcRo.515
KnowMe — vs — Lamboking
Noname. — vs — TAiLS
Wilko — vs — Pink
userek — vs — Storm96
Myi.DaNa — vs — AcerMMA
mouzHeroMarine — vs — Protosser
Fans of numbers and statistics will feel good here: » detailed ranking.

So, viewers and players: go for it! We'll see you right here, next Wednesday, 18:00 o'clock. gl+hf!
RQ#9 ready, SF#2 moved to Wednesday
2013-09-12 09:51 — powered by ESET and
Never seen such a PvP before... those games between mYi.Stardust and ESC.Daisy were awesome. :D

For your information: SF#2 has been moved from Saturday 14:00 to Wednesday 18:00, thus all qualifiers in Season 3 have been postponed by a week. RQ#9 opened the SignIn - go for it, last chance to reach the second Season Final!
RQ#7 over, RQ#8 opened
2013-09-05 11:02 — powered by ESET and
Congratulations to all players that were able to gather some ranking points yesterday. Quite a lot of action again - you guys never fail to deliver. ;]

SignIn for RQ#8 just opened. Don't miss this next to last chance for points - only two more Ranked Qualifiers to go and we'll have the second Season Final! :]
EM13 Maps now featuring BO-protection
2013-09-03 13:45 — powered by ESET and
All ESET Masters 2013 Maps are now featuring a "build order protection", so no one can see what you did in certain games without getting hands on the replays.

This change was made for all (professional) players, so it gets a bit harder to analyze their playstyle and new build orders are not revealed that easily.

Don't forget to sign in for S2 RQ#7 tomorrow evening! :]
Back from GamesCom - brought some action here!
2013-08-29 11:58 — powered by ESET and
Seriously, mouzHeroMarine! We've seen this guy live on GamesCom showing us the weirdest ways on "How to sit really abnormally while gaming and still owning your opponents" and now, yesterday, he showed his skills in the Ranked Qualifier #6. Since we don't want to spoil any results of those awesome matches: check out the VODs on or take a look at the ranking (where you can view the previous grids as well).

SignIn for RQ#7 just opened - go for it and collect more ranking points. :]
GamesCom 2013 / RQ#6
2013-08-15 11:46 — powered by ESET and
Meet us next week at GamesCom 2013 (21.-25. August, Cologne, Germany). We'll be usually between 11 to 12 and 16 to 17 o'clock at the ESET booth/truck to host some decent showmatches live for you guys.

SignIn for S2 RQ#6 is open as of now. Hope to see the lot of you at GamesCom and at the next Ranked Qualifier the week after. :]
RQ#5 SignIn open, RQ#6+ Info
2013-08-08 14:13 — powered by ESET and
RQ#4 was quick and easy. TAiLS was able to show some of his speed up strategies - quite a difference to those macro battles we've seen last time. ;]

SignIn for RQ#5 is already open - go for it.

S2 RQ#6 and all following events have been postponed by one week (see dates on the right), since pretty much all of us are on GamesCom 2013 (21.-25. August, Cologne, Germany) anyway. ^^
Map-Pool updated
2013-08-07 11:48 — powered by ESET and
To keep things fresh we replaced two maps with the new TL Map Contest #2 community favorites: "EM13 Red City" got replaced with "EM13 Frost" and "EM13 Akilon Wastes" got replaced with "EM13 Yeonsu". See the » Rules for more details.

CheckIn starts today at 17:30 CEST - don't miss your chances for the prize money and the valuable ranking points. See you later. :]
Awesome matches in RQ#3, RQ#4 open for more!
2013-08-06 11:04 — powered by ESET and
Now that was the predicted action: if you missed on RQ#3, you should definitely watch the VODs available on and/or other sites that streamed the event. Very nice games and a couple of surprises. ;]

The story continues with RQ#4: sign in is open, go for it. See you tomorrow, here, 18 o'clock. :D
S2 RQ#3 ready for action
2013-07-30 19:01 — powered by ESET and
Ready for action: sign in for the next cup tomorrow, gentlemen - valuable points are to be gained! :]
Season #2 first points spent, S2 RQ#2 open
2013-07-12 08:36 — powered by ESET and
Headstart with the first 50 points for NaVi.HappyZerg - and taking his name serious, he really was one happy Zerg. :D

Check out the » Ranking for details. SignIn for the second Ranked Qualifier is open, hope to see the lot of you next Wednesday again. :]
Season #2 starts today!
2013-07-10 14:43 — powered by ESET and
CheckIn opens 17:30 CEST, Cup starts ~18:00 CEST. Go for the new seasons ranking points! See you guys, players and viewers, in about three hours. :]
One awesome Season Final - we had that!
2013-07-02 15:11 — powered by ESET and
Entertaining games: seen a lot of them. Season Final #1: over. Ranking Points: spent. Check out the Ranking if you want to know who got how far - or even better: watch the VODs, since we had a couple of very good matchups again. :]

That being said: Season #2 starts next weeks Wednesday. SignIn is already open, go for it. :D
32 players ready for Season Final #1!
2013-06-27 10:45 — powered by ESET and
Ladies and Gentlemen: we have the top32 for our first Season Final.
This is what the MatchUps are going to be for Saturday, 14:00 CEST:
lt AI.Krr — vs — pl MǂDieStar
de ESCShoWTimE — vs — pt Enchanted.868
de GoOdy — vs — se Bischu
de Monty113 — vs — de kauP
de H4nfy — vs — kr chopa
ua Acer.Bly — vs — de KnowMe
fi Protosser — vs — fi Welmu
de mouzHasu — vs — us goswser
de AiRevenge — vs — cn 4K.DreAm
cz Harpner — vs — it Evaner
de waCk — vs — ua NaViStrelok
kr mYi.Stardust — vs — kr Pro7ecT
de AcRo.515 — vs — dk Storm96
dk Pink — vs — kr QuanticHyuN
pl Tefel — vs — ua NaViHappyZerG
kr azubusan — vs — ru Noname.
Fans of numbers and statistics will feel good here: » detailed ranking.

Not much time left - it's already Thursday, so get prepared for the weekend! Saturday 14:00 CEST, see you here. :]
Last chance to rank up for the first Season Final!
2013-06-24 12:20 — powered by ESET and
This Wednesday we'll host the Ranked Qualifier #9, last of the first season. Quite a lot of players still have good chances to reach the top32 of the Season #1 Ranking, which will get them one of the limited slots of the Season Final #1. Points gained in the Season Finals are counted towards the Grand Final participation - this sh*t is serious. ;]

SignIn for RQ#9 is open, go for it and participate on Wednesday. We're looking forward for those tight spots, where a matchup means tension for everybody - players and viewers!
Wednesday, 18:00pm CEST - see you here. :]
Three more to go...
2013-06-07 10:40 — powered by ESET and
SignIn for RQ#7 is already available - and with this round there are only three more qualifiers left until the first season final, where we will see the first points spent towards the grand final ranking. Tune in next Wednesday - same place, same time. :]
Can't wait, RQ#6 tomorrow!
2013-06-04 09:52 — powered by ESET and
It's that time of the week again: crazy EM13 Wednesday. Let's see who is going to pull these awesome and unknown strategies again - tomorrow 18:00pm CEST, see you here. :]
The things we've seen...
2013-05-23 11:00 — powered by ESET and
...have been more than just awesome again. We're not exactly sure about the cause, but somehow every ESET Masters qualifier brings up pretty classy matchups which mostly tend to go bonkers rather quickly. Builds you and we haven't seen before, strategies that are out of our minds and mindgames of brain-bending quality - this is what you can expect for next weeks Wednesday again, when the Ranked Qualifier #5 calls for a champion. SignIn is open, go for those ranking points!
RQ#4 starting at 18:00pm CEST
2013-05-22 13:10 — powered by ESET and
Another round of juicy ranking points and decent prize money. Are we going to see that kind of epic games again, of which the ESET Masters are famous for? Find out on our stream - enjoy the evening. :]
RQ#3 today 18:00pm
2013-05-15 11:55 — powered by ESET and
Ladies and Gentlemen - only six hours left and we'll continue the series! SignIn is still open, CheckIn starts at 17:30pm. See you there.
crazy games: you're welcome.
2013-05-02 10:46 — powered by ESET and
We should have expected this. We've been prepared for fun and action with the start of the new ESET Masters tournament series, but we didn't foresee HasuObs and Avekatten escalate this quickly. What a game. :D

If you missed it: be sure to check out our VODs or get the » Replay here. Other Replays are available there as well of course. ;]

SignIn for S1 RQ#2 just opened. See you next Wednesday. :]
2013-04-25 18:04 — powered by ESET and
The first ranked Qualifier on Wednesday was rescheduled to 14:00 instead of 18:00 o'clock CEST (GMT/UTC+2). Germany has a day off here, so we're looking to host it in the afternoon. ;]

The Ranking is now part of the top navigation and the according » Rules have been slightly modified to be easier to understand.
Brace yourselves, Winter is... gone.
2013-04-19 19:08 — powered by ESET and
We're back. Spring just really arrived in Germany - time to reveal the new ESET Masters Tournament Series, starting 1st of May (2013-05-01 18:00 CEST), powered by ESET and

We've tweaked quite a lot of things so far and are still doing some fine tuning here and there. Roam around and check the updates! :]
Shut up and take our money!
2013-04-18 22:08 — powered by ESET and
Bureaucratics have lost, we looted their treasuries! This time we've got to spend USD $27,000 in total and $10,000 are reserved for the Grand Final winner. :D

Check out the » Rules for more details on prize money distribution.
Rank me up, Scotty!
2013-04-16 22:08 — powered by ESET and
Points are now being added automatically - live! The new ranking overview is a nice mashup of the previous ESET Winter Masters 2012 Ranking Overview and the updated one we're currently using on our » ECS2013 EnerJ Cup Series website.

Upon reporting a matchup, the winner advances to the next round as usual, but now the loser gains the entitled points at the same time. The more qualifiers we play, the prettier it gets. ^^

Release: ready, but no data yet.. so... soon™ :P
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S1 RQ #1: 2013-05-01
14:00 CEST
S1 RQ #2: 2013-05-08
18:00 CEST
S1 RQ #3: 2013-05-15
18:00 CEST
S1 RQ #4: 2013-05-22
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S1 RQ #5: 2013-05-29
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S1 RQ #6: 2013-06-05
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18:00 CEST
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18:00 CEST
S2 RQ #5: 2013-08-14
18:00 CEST
S2 RQ #6: 2013-08-28
18:00 CEST
S2 RQ #7: 2013-09-04
18:00 CEST
S2 RQ #8: 2013-09-11
18:00 CEST
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18:00 CEST
S2 SF #2: 2013-09-25
18:00 CEST
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18:00 CEST
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18:00 CEST
S3 RQ #3: 2013-10-16
18:00 CEST
S3 RQ #4: 2013-10-23
18:00 CEST
S3 RQ #5: 2013-10-30
18:00 CET
S3 RQ #6: 2013-11-06
18:00 CET
S3 RQ #7: 2013-11-13
18:00 CET
S3 RQ #8: 2013-11-20
18:00 CET
S3 RQ #9: 2013-11-27
18:00 CET
S3 SF #3: 2013-12-04
18:00 CET
GF ro32: 2014-07-11
14:00 CEST
GF ro8: 2014-08-16
GamesCom, Saturday, Hall XX Booth YY
RQ = Ranked Qualifier
SF = Season Finals
GF = Grand Final, ro32 online,
ro8 live at GamesCom 2014 in Cologne, Germany

« Current All Time Ranking »
#1 de AiRevenge 646
#2 ua Acer.Bly 630
#3 lt AI.Krr 610
#4 de GoOdy 560
#5 ua NaViHappyZerG 532
#6 de KnowMe 506
#7 de Monty113 504
#8 de ESCShoWTimE 494
#9 kr QuanticHyuN 492
#10 kr Patience 484
#11 de AcRo.515 464
#12 ua NaViStrelok 454
#13 de Korone 454
#14 dk Pink 430
#15 pl Tefel 422
#16 de H4nfy 414
#17 kr mYi.Stardust 410
#18 dk Storm96 396
#19 de mouzHeroMarine 348
#20 de Wilko 338
#21 fr Monsteuh 332
#22 de waCk 324
#23 de AiCPU 322
#24 kr TAiLS 312
#25 ru Noname. 308
#26 de MoMoRoXx 284
#27 pl Myi.DaNa 284
#28 se Bischu 268
#29 de mouzHasu 266
#30 cz eSuba.DeViL 264
#31 kr escdaisy 262
#32 de kauP 258
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