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Welcome to the ESET Masters 2013 tournament series!
eSportainment, Ladies and Gentlemen.
That's what everyone of us is looking for.

We proudly present: the ESET Masters 2013.
Pool of USD $27,000 Prize Money, 1st scores USD $10,000 alone.
Offline Grand Final at GamesCom 2014, Cologne, Germany. Enjoy!
Congratulations to our new (and old) champion!
2014-08-17 10:23 — powered by ESET and
Protoss, South Korea (KR)
USD $10,000

Zerg, South Korea (KR)
USD $5,000

Terran, Germany (DE)
USD $1,500

Protoss, South Korea (KR)
USD $1,500

Second time in a row - thats the chance for a hattrick, as soon as the new season starts. Congratulations to mYi.StarDust on defending his title to still being the ESET Masters Champion and winning USD $10,000 for the 1st place. After a really tight 3:2 final matchup he eventually was able to dominate his contender AI.Golden, who won USD $5,000 for ranking 2nd.

mouz.HeroMarine and AI.Patience came to a gentlemen agreement and shared the third to fourth place as well as the entitled prize money of USD $2,000 and $1,000 respectively, since the fairgrounds "Koelnmesse" didn't allow any more time to play. Fairs closed at 20:00 o'clock and we already stretched that to 21:00 - so there was no slot to play for the third place. Both players agreed on sharing the 3rd place - and HeroMarine was as kind as giving the 3rd place cup to Patience.

Thanks to everyone - the players, the viewers, the sponsors.
We'll keep you posted with updates soon. :]
Grand Final just a couple hours away...
2014-08-15 18:31 — powered by ESET and
Tomorrow will be the day, ladies and gentlemen. We're prepared for some really good matches, as the lineup in our ro8 grid looks really promising.

If you're attending GamesCom 2014, don't forget to visit us in Hall 10.1 Booth D020! See you tomorrow - live on stage and/or on our live stream.
GamesCom and Grand Final incoming!
2014-08-11 15:48 — powered by ESET and
Just a couple days left and we'll host the Grand Final with a prize pool of USD $20,000 in Cologne, Germany, at the GamesCom 2014.

Here's the schedule for Saturday:
11:00 – 12:00   ro8 / bo3   StarDust vs. Bly
12:00 – 13:00   ro8 / bo3   HeroMarine vs. Tefel
13:00 – 14:00   ro8 / bo3   Golden vs. ShowTime
14:00 – 15:00   ro4 / bo5   Semifinal 1
15:00 – 16:00   ro4 / bo5   Semifinal 2
16:00 – 18:00   ro2 / bo7   Grand Final

Currently Daisy declined participation, but we'll wait if something might change until Saturday before advancing Patience in the Grid.

Thats it for now - see you Saturday. :]
Last WarmUp Round before GamesCom!
2014-07-25 09:00 — powered by ESET and
A nice lineup and some good games were to be seen yesterday evening. Now we're up for the last warmup round before everyones heading towards GamesCom 2014. Cup takes place at 16:00 CEST (14:00 UTC/GMT), just like the others did before.

SignIn for the Cup is already open. See you next week! :]
Grand Final WarmUp #1 done, #2 inc.
2014-07-17 21:22 — powered by ESET and
First WarmUp done and we've seen some surprising and also pretty long and intense games there. Two more to go! The next WarmUp will be coming Thursday - again a quick grid of 64 players, USD $150 prize money, starting at 16:00 CEST (14:00 UTC/GMT).

SignIn for the Cup is already open. See you next week! :]
Grand Final WarmUp #1
2014-07-16 19:36 — powered by ESET and
To keep the time until the GamesCom covered a bit, we quickly set up the first WarmUp Event. Quick grid of 64 players, USD $150 prize money, starting tomorrow (Thursday) at 16:00 CEST (14:00 UTC/GMT). So... see you tomorrow. ^^
Top 8 players for the Grand Final set
2014-07-14 13:19 — powered by ESET and
The online qualifications are over - we have our eight top players set for the offline Grand Final! See the » Grid for more details on the matchups.
mYi.Stardust vs Acer.Bly
AI.Patience vs Wayi.Daisy
mouz.HeroMarine vs dignitas.Tefel
AI.Golden vs ESC.ShoWTimE
We'll host a couple of "WarmUp-Events" in the meantime. Check back here for more information.
Grand Final ro32+ro16 today 14:00
2014-07-11 11:34 — powered by ESET and
The Grand Final starts today - playing the ro32 and ro16 to find out who will qualify for the offline finals at the GamesCom 2014!

Commentary (german): »
Commentary (english): » BasetradeTV

See you in a couple hours!
Grand Final ro32 preponed
2014-07-09 11:23 — powered by ESET and
Due to popular request and ease for the players we have preponed the ro32 from 18:00 CEST to 14:00 CEST (12:00 UTC/GMT).

Reason being the WCS Qualifiers which a lot of the ranked and voted players do want to play on Friday as well. We'll stream the games two times: once live and once as a rerun at the original planned time, so the viewers won't miss it.
Grand Final: Player Voting Results
2014-07-07 20:52 — powered by ESET and
The results are in! 31,713 votes have been cast in total and the top 8 players are now joining the 24 qualified ones.
1de PKey.GunGFuBanDa5,28717%
2pl TL.MaNa3,15910%
3kr AI.Golden2,9929%
4no TL.Snute2,8489%
5de mouzHasuObs2,6458%
6ua CSC.DIMAGA2,5788%
7de XMG.Socke2,5148%
8nl TL.Ret2,4568%
9kr AI.Patience1,8556%
10kr YoDa1,2584%
11kr Roccat.HyuN1,2574%
12fi NRS.Welmu1,0203%
13de ATN.Lambo7032%
14de AI.CPU6032%
15kr First5382%
We are now awaiting their final confirmation on participation - once we've got all the feedback we'll seed the grid accordingly. Stay tuned for updates!
Grand Final: Player Voting
2014-07-04 22:20 — powered by ESET and
The Voting has begun! Choose your favorite players for the last 8 slots on the Grand Final!

Link: »

Voting closes on Monday, 2014-07-07 20:00 CEST (18:00 UTC/GMT)
Grand Final: ro32 + ro8 Live-Event
2014-07-03 11:55 — powered by ESET and
Ladies and Gentlemen,

the ESET Masters 2013 Grand Final is finally happening. We're sorry for the long delay, but we tried to set up another great event like the last Grand Final had, but eventually that wasn't possible in the way as it was thought to be.

But it's just the event that changes, the rest stays as it was planned. We'll host the ro32 and ro16 online on 2014-07-11 (next Friday) 16:00 o'clock (UTC/GMT, thats 18:00 CEST).

The ro8 will take place at the ESET booth on the GamesCom fair in Cologne, Germany, 2014-08-16. Additional info for the live Grand Final ro8 will be handed out to the qualifiers and audience after the online ro32+ro16.

Prize money total: 20,000 USD
1st: 10,000 USD
2nd: 5,000 USD
3rd: 2,000 USD
4th: 1,000 USD
5th to 8th: each 500 USD

24 players are already set by the ranking - congratulations to them again. Additionally our community is going to vote the remaining 8 players over the weekend, with the votes closing on Monday evening. Results will then be evaluated and "winning" players contacted to confirm their participation in the ro32 online Grand Final.

As soon as we know these fortunate ones we'll post them here and keep you updated with the Matchups and the Grid.

So, if not before, see you next Friday for the first of two parts on fighting for the Champions Throne (and the money, of course ;)).
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Tournament dates
S1 RQ #1: 2013-05-01
14:00 CEST
S1 RQ #2: 2013-05-08
18:00 CEST
S1 RQ #3: 2013-05-15
18:00 CEST
S1 RQ #4: 2013-05-22
18:00 CEST
S1 RQ #5: 2013-05-29
18:00 CEST
S1 RQ #6: 2013-06-05
18:00 CEST
S1 RQ #7: 2013-06-12
18:00 CEST
S1 RQ #8: 2013-06-19
18:00 CEST
S1 RQ #9: 2013-06-26
18:00 CEST
S1 SF #1: 2013-06-29
14:00 CEST
S2 RQ #1: 2013-07-10
18:00 CEST
S2 RQ #2: 2013-07-24
18:00 CEST
S2 RQ #3: 2013-07-31
18:00 CEST
S2 RQ #4: 2013-08-07
18:00 CEST
S2 RQ #5: 2013-08-14
18:00 CEST
S2 RQ #6: 2013-08-28
18:00 CEST
S2 RQ #7: 2013-09-04
18:00 CEST
S2 RQ #8: 2013-09-11
18:00 CEST
S2 RQ #9: 2013-09-18
18:00 CEST
S2 SF #2: 2013-09-25
18:00 CEST
S3 RQ #1: 2013-10-02
18:00 CEST
S3 RQ #2: 2013-10-09
18:00 CEST
S3 RQ #3: 2013-10-16
18:00 CEST
S3 RQ #4: 2013-10-23
18:00 CEST
S3 RQ #5: 2013-10-30
18:00 CET
S3 RQ #6: 2013-11-06
18:00 CET
S3 RQ #7: 2013-11-13
18:00 CET
S3 RQ #8: 2013-11-20
18:00 CET
S3 RQ #9: 2013-11-27
18:00 CET
S3 SF #3: 2013-12-04
18:00 CET
GF ro32: 2014-07-11
14:00 CEST
GF ro8: 2014-08-16
11:00 CEST
GamesCom Saturday Hall 10.1 Booth D020
RQ = Ranked Qualifier
SF = Season Finals
GF = Grand Final, ro32 online,
ro8 live at GamesCom 2014 in Cologne, Germany

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#14 dk Pink 430
#15 pl Tefel 422
#16 de H4nfy 414
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